About Us


Located in China, Aigo is the leading company offering UV printer. We specialize in the manufacturing and whole sale supply of flatbed printer and 3D wall printer. Our product line covers a wide range of uv printer such as industrial, homeused, portable. These UV led printer are prepared under all CE requirements , to ensure that our products are envo many countries. Thus, our customers around the globe can purchase our products with cost effective rates and shipping charges.

our company endeavors to develop into one stop solution for all kinds of  request so that our customers can have the best buying experience with us. We assure you that our product range is guaranteed with quality and durability, which can help you to print any images in many material.  If you are looking for most feasible and trustworthy UV printer supplier , then there isn’t any better option than Aigoprinter!

What We Offer


UV Flatbed Printer

You could find All the printing equipment here, including portable, desktop uv printer,large format flatbed printer and roll to roll UV printer.

3D Wall Printer

3D wall printer are used in vertical printing, such as ceiling, wall decoration. There are several types for options.

Customized Solution for Printer

If you have special requirement for the printer, we also could customize the device, such as printing dimension, printer nozzle and others.