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Here are several types of our UV flatbed printer for options.

In addition to these types, we also others and customized equipment for your request, please feel free to contact us here.

A2 DTG Printer

A2 DTG Printer

Printer size: 2*400*300mm
Head Number: 2* Epson DX7
Print resolution:1440dpi
Spend: 2 min
A3 DTG Printer

A3 DTG Printer

Printer size: 400*300mm
Print head: Epson DX7
Print resolution:1440dpi
Speed: 2min

Modular components Used

We make the parts and components modularized as much as possible, this will help to reduce the tolerance and maintain the dimension accuracy.
DTG Printer feature 01
DTG Printer feature 02

More Protective Devices

We have adopted series of protective devices, including Low ink alarm, waste ink alarm, water tank high temperature alarm device. This will extend the life span of printer.

Touch Screen Control

Our well-designed touch screen control interface can easily adjust the platform position

dtg printer feature 03
dtg printer feature 04

All aluminum Alloy Cartridges

All aluminum alloy cartridges can save maintenance time and improve efficiency.

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