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Customized Size, High Speed, Photo Quality and 3 Year Warranty

Full Certifications Large Format Flatbed Printer Factory

As the leading large format flatbed printer manufacturer in China, AIGO has passed strictness industry standards, such as CE and SGS certification.

CE certification
SGS certification

What Our Large Format Flatbed Printer could Help You

Large Format Flatbed Printer

Includes 1613, 2030,2513 and customized size.


1. Save time

Large format flatbed printer could print with super speed and photo-quality, you could save more time and print more product.

2. Save Money

Large format flatbed printer could use for plastic, metal, wood, leather and other material. You could print many materials with same machine. It is much reduce the cost of wide format flatbed printer.

3. Remove Your Annoyance

High quality components could guaranteed the long using life, Such as Ricoh gen5 nozzle, THK guide and Germany mute drg chain. Our technical training and 3 year warranty will remove your annoyance. You will not be frustrated with repair the machine in the future.

Aigo: Your Reliable UV Flatbed Printer Supplier

Large format flatbed printer could be used in many materials, such as glass, box, plastic, wood, leather, metal and so on. It has high printing speed and great quality.

Whether you are searching for large format flatbed printer or other diameter,  Aigo always will be your best choice meeting your requirement.

Our professional technical team will teach you how to use flatbed printer, You don’t have to worry about using the machine. 

High Quality Kit used in Large Format Flatbed Printer

Rocoh gen5 nozzle

Ricoh Gen5 print head with long service life and amazing print quality, you could use in nearly all the material with this nozzle.


High precision guide and screw rod ensure accurate moving position. You don’t worry about noise and wear in working.

Uv printer self-integrated lifter

Automatic adjustment to the distance between nozzle and material. No rish for print head and Guarantee the quality.


Vacuum Suction Platform stop the nozzle from contacting the material, extend the life time of print head.

Uv printer negative pressure system

Negative pressure system guarantee the printing is stable.

wet-keeping cartridge

Prevent ink from clogging the nozzle and extend the life.


More Questions You Need to Know

1. How can we start to use the UV flatbed printer?

We will send the manual and teach video with package of the printer. Before use the machine, please read the manual, watch the teaching video and operate strictly as the instructions. Online technical support also offer here.

2. Where can I buy the spare part and ink of large format flatbed printer?

Our factory also provide spare part and ink, you can buy from our factory directly or other supplier in your local market.

3. What is your warranty for large format flatbed printer?

Three-year warranty, except man-made damage and print head, including ink supply system.

4. What material can UV flatbed printer use?

UV printer are multi-functional printer. It can print on any materials, such as phone case, leather, wood, plastic, acrylic, metal, glass, texture etc.

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