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UV LED Printing machine

Our Products

Here are several types of our UV flatbed printer for options.

In addition to these types, we also others and customized equipment for your request, please feel free to contact us here.

A4 Mini UV printer

Printer size: 210*300mm
Print head: EPSON L800
Print resolution:2880*1440dpi

DTG UV Printer

Printer size: 600*400mm
Print head: TX800 DX10
Print resolution: 5760/2880/1440*1440dpi

1613 Flatbed Printer

Printer size: 16000*1300mm
Print head: Epson DX9/ Ricoh G5
Print speed: 18㎡/hour

A3 UV Flatbed Printer

Printer size: 420*300mm
Print head: EPSON R330
Print resolution:2880*1440dpi

6090 Flatbed Printer

Printer size: 650*950mm
Print head: RICOH G5
Print speed: 5㎡/hour

2513 Flatbed Printer

Printer size: 2500*1300mm
Print head: Ricoh G5
Print speed: 18㎡/hour

High Quality Component

High quality parts from top supplier will ensure the stability of machine.

Series of high quality component are adoped in printer, such as ink, nozzle and motor(Japan), Track and guide(Germany), Printing software(American).

Rocoh gen5 nozzle
UV flatbed printer 02

Professional Technical Support

Engineer and technical manual will help to fix all the problems.

Professional engineer team are responsible for the assembly and debug. Each machine should pass strick test before ship from our factory.

Great After-sales service

Long time aftersales service will help to save the cost.

Aside from printer head(nozzle) and ink, we provide 3 years warranty with our printer. Engineer will provide help with 7×24 hours, meanwhile, We always have printer kits in warehouse, prepared kits will be shipped quickly.

UV flatbed printer 03


Common asking questions are in the list.

If you have other questions that we don’t mention here, please do not hesitate to email us.

Does UV printers have radiation?

Yes, UV printer has radiation. It use Ultra Violet Light to cure the ink onto the media.

What is the application for a UV flatbed printer?

The application of UV printer is unlimited. You can print on almost all materials like metal, plastic,wood, stainless steel and other materials.

What is the difference between a UV printer and a direct printer?

Direct printer is using laser scanning imaging technology, the imaging drum is charged with static electricity to attract toner, and the heating roller heats the paper to melt the toner into the paper to complete the thermal imaging printing process.
About UV printer, UV cold light curing technology is used during the printing process to let the ink dry instantly, thus completing the entire digital printing process.

When you buy UV printers, what should you consider?

1. Material; UV printer has several types, flatbed printer, roll to roll and eco solvent printer. Each has different material.
2. Printer Size; The cost is different among printing size. The smaller, the cheaper.
3. Aftersale service; Long time service could save the time and cost.

What‘s the difference between Ricoh and Epson printhead?

Both of them has advantages in some iterms.
1. Printing accuracy; Epson(fifth edition) has better performance than Ricoh.
2. Life span; Ricoh nozzle is better than others.
3. Work stability; Ricoh nozzle is better.
4. Price; Ricoh nozzle is more expensive than Epson.
About our uv printer, Ricoh nozzle is the default option. If you need high print quality or special request, Epson printhead is also adopted in uv printer.

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