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Wall Printer

Printer size: 2500*6000mm
Print head: Epson
Nozzle Number: 1-3 pcs(options)
Print resolution:720-9600dpi
Ink Type: waterbased pigment ink


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What is wall printing?

The uv wall printer is essentially a type of piezoelectric inkjet printing equipment. It uses UV photosensitive technology. The principle is to use computer input control, using the advantages of inkjet technology and UV curing technology to combine inkjet print heads and printing devices. , UV light curing system and UV light curing ink are combined to form UV light curing inkjet printing technology.
The ultraviolet wave emitted by the LED cold light source lamp reacts with the photosensitive curing agent in the UV ink, causing the pigment molecules in the UV ink to solidify on the surface of the material

What are tips on using wall printer?

If you are using the wall printer outdoors, you must pay attention to the weather conditions. It is not possible to carry out construction in rainy days or other bad weather conditions. Of course, machines with gratings should stop construction when the wind is too strong. because wind will cause the grating to swing, which will easily cause errors in the printed patterns.
If it is a wall-painting printer without a grating, although it is less affected by the wind, it must be stopped when the wind is too strong, otherwise the strong wind will blow all the ink sprayed out, which will make the wall painting surface blurred.

What wall can the wall printer print on?

Wall printer could print on many types of material, including white wall, putty, imitation porcelain, latex paint, light-colored wallpaper and diatom mud.
The higher the flatness of the material, the better the printing effect.

What is the Pros and Cons of Wall printer?


1. Personalized customization: can print pictures of characters, portraits and other patterns without restriction;
2. 3d relief effect: the printed pattern visually presents a 3d effect, and the hand touches the unevenness, which increases the added value;
3. Simple operation: computer control equipment, after the software is set up, follow-up automatic printing, saving labor;
4. Unrestricted materials: The piezoelectric inkjet principle does not touch the material and can print a variety of materials.


1. Compared with screen printing, the speed is slower, which is suitable for short-run 3d embossed digital printing needs;
2. The failure rate is high. In daily maintenance, careful maintenance is required in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements;
3. The cost of consumables is relatively high. Compared with other inks, the cost is higher.

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